Saturday, January 9, 2016

Krshna Vs Buddha

I still remember I was packing a gift for my Father , one was a Golden statue of Krshna having Butter from the Pot and the other one was Laughing Buddha Standing with huge coins around him. I sent him via some Professional courier services along with a letter which conveyed my love for him(When you are Homesick and staying in PG  with wrong set of people love for your family automatically rushes in with multiplied intensity ). The third day I got a call.

You know how typical South Indian Dads are. If you dont, let me explain you, they are very loud in speaking, sometimes they are so intense that they forget to listen what we have to convey. But they are very lovable in nature and much more smarter then we ever expect them to be.Being from the Hotel Line they know how to manage people and most of all they are good in calculating things mentally. Where we so called educated people need calculators these days.

So getting back to the point, I got a call from my Dad stating that the legs of laughing Buddha has cracked up, since Krishna shifted might be due to transportation and the Flute part just bashed Buddha's leg.

At that time since I was initally visiting ISKCON Bangalore more frequently attending Bhagvatam classes, taking association of devotees and enjoying delicious Prasadam everyday. I thought(or had intuition ) Krshna might be angry one me and  he is trying to pass on information that he is the Supreme personality as mentioned in the Bhagvad Gita.

I still have those Two statues right in front of me :) and when i see them i get a laugh at myself , that I was comparing two same things. call Krishna >> Buddha or Buddha >> Krishna  both are one. They are All attractive.  and when one is All attractive you call him Supreme personality.

 so what exactly do you mean by all attractive. It means that one is very beautiful, Very Rich, Very Powerful, All Famous and at the same time completely renounced.

So why exactly we approach such great personalities in form of dieties or breath or Mantra Meditation. Most probably I have seen (Including myself sometimes )  is to miraculously get some desires fulfilled.

But the main aim of deity Worshiping, Focusing on Breath or Mantra Meditation is mainly related to controlling the mind or taming once Mind.

Trying to reduce once desire.

Increasing your awareness.
Simple Living High Thinking.
Changing your old Habit patterns.
Improving your Intuitions.
Developing Love and Compassion for others(including an Ant).
Being Selfless.
Controlling your own senses.
Being in Mode of Goodness

and ultimately knowing the Supreme Divine and experiencing his reciprocation

. So how do you become Fit or eligible to know him:

First thing is Start with cleansing your body. I am not talking about taking bath , which I am very much sure that you all do it everyday.

Try to wake up early Morning(If possible by 4:00 AM this is known as Bramhamurta time). FOR that you make sure you sleep early too.

Once awake with full attention try  either Mantra Mediation or Breathing Medition, in either case make sure you are uttering the mantra attentively or focusing on your breath.  Believe me it is the most difficult thing since thousands of Random thoughts will come up the moment you start doing it. This is what people call Maya or Illusionary Energy  which refrains most of the people from knowing Spirituality

Do some Physical excersices like a Simple Surya Namaskar to Swimming , trekking , Yoga as per your capacity and slowly increase it. You will feel refreshed, rejuvinated, light weight, once you start consistently doing it. This will keep your body activated for the entire day.

Make sure you have  Breakfast and Lunch heavily but in the evening time eat less as much as possible. If possible try to change your eating habits like eat less spicy food. Avoid Non-Vegetarian as much as possible. Since Non-Veg is mode of Ignorance. Avoid Alcohol again this comes under Mode of Ignorance. Slowly once you start Spirtual practises you will be surprised that your food intake capacity will slowly decrease. You will automatically be attracted towards Sattvick Food. Sattvick means Mode of Goodness. Sattvick food includes Fruits and Vegetables.

When I used to stay in ISKCON Hostel Sattvick food was like which that was offered to Lord Krshna having a Tulsi leaf over it. I could automatically observe that my agitation has gone down and my Craving for NonVeg Items was automatically Nullified. It was called Prasadam. Since Bhakti just entered into that food. When I used to taste Prasadam it was simply 'Out of the World'.

Even Steve Jobs gave lecture at Stanford University on How he loved walking a Mile at Hare Krishna Temple just to have one plate of delicious meal. Complete Video reference mentioned below. 
[I would walk the 7 Miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna Temple -Steve Jobs]

Once you are able to cleanse your body with the above mentioned points , which ofcourse takes persistence and your commitment towards it.

Second comes is the Mind:

I would recommend avoid News Papers and Televisions as much as possible. Try reading or hearing some good books . Listen to some good Music that gives you peace. Some of my favorite books I read so far:

Power of  Subconcious Mind
Bhagvad Gita As it Is
The Day when i stopped drinking Milk
Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Just by reading these books certain extent I started meeting Like minded people like ISKCON Banglore devotees, Sandeep Maheshwari-CEO of Images Bazaar and to my surprise I kept on visiting so many awesome people when  I was least expecting them to visit. Emotions [Energy in Motions were all set  just by reading these books.]

 Just think when you start meditating on your breath or doing Mantra meditation at this state how much effective it will be. Incase you dont understand remember one thing Taste of the pudding lies in when one tries tasting it rather then hearing from somebody else.

Try to have elevating Flash Mob with Like Minded People creating Positivity

Try Vipasanna [Below Video shows transformations within Criminals]


Join FOLK(Friends of Lord Krishna) ISKCON Hostel for all Working and  Studying Professionals. Since association plays a very important role . Understand what is Bhakti Yoga . 

Crush your False EGO

So you are Senior Manager, Senior Anaylst, QA , Software Engineer, Senior Executive, Director Head, Actor, Vice President, Call Center Executive, Security Anaylst, HR, Watchman

What if death comes suddenly..what are you now suddenly Just a heap of Body having blood mucus and  mere bones. What happened to your designations, your property.

The below Video will give you an Hint finally how to get rid of False ego.

Please feel free to write me back about how you felt about my blog and your experience on practising the above points that I have mentioned.

Thank you.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Harihar Trekking

Harihar Trekking .... Its Good to be in the Company of Most Experienced People... because from them you get the right Knowledge.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wills on Wheels(W.O.W)

Where there is A Will, there is a Way and this stands out to be true, in every walk of lives. The only thing that comes in our way is Procrastination. We dont give it a try all due 'Fear of Failure'. There are times that this Fear goes so Strong in our mind that it paralyzes ourselves, that we start believing it as a  reality.There are Optimist, Pessimistic  and then there are realistic People.

Its all about how you train your Subconcious mindset, under what External Circumstances you are exposed to and what are your Inner Circumstances, What kind of thoughts you digest and what kind of people you have around you decides your nature. Its good to be Optimistic,  it helps you boost up with Confidence and mostly Over Confidence.

Even the things you dont know you might End up saying Confidently . The Problem with being Optimistic is like, You might desire or start imagining  to have a Big Mansion, a Big Car, become Rich., a beautiful Wife, Incase those desires or Imaginations are not fulfilled, you will be having your own conflict with your subconcious Mind. Your Mind might become your greatest enemy.

Being Pessimistic again is dangerous... wherever you go, you will not try at all  because of fear of failure.Once your mindset is set 'Not to try at all' , that becomes your current reality.I can only say that Suffering is the Universal Fact of Lives, all the spiritual books claim it, but to grow out from it is optional.

Being Realistic is something not everybody possess, it like seeing the Surroundings, the people around you without having any Filter  of Judgement and Expectations. When you see a small Child, he has no judgement, no expectations , but he has Intelligence. We might think that the Child cannot  understand , but we are wrong.He captures our Every single Speech and Movements. We all need to practice being a Realistic thinker like a small child and later on add little bit of Optimism within it and it becomes Realistic Positive Thinking.  I would say I am lucky enough, that I got an Opportunity to meet 'Realistic Positive Thinker', Priti Shetty who is the youngest Entrepreneur  for the Start-Up firm 'Wills on Wheels'.

It was just an Intuition , that i called her yesterday on Saturday Morning, if I  can meet her and interview her to know 'How life is like being in a wheel chair for 12-14 hours a day, what kind of, problems she  has faced, what inspires her, what she likes and what she does in her day to day activities.

The response from her side was just Awesome... when she started speaking she kept on speaking for hours and she was very much assertive in her speaking skills. In short she was much better then me.Whatever she spoke had clarity and the narration she made was like, I never had a dull movement. Since this was my first Interview I was taking, I was a bit Nervous, but her approached nature and friendly attitude took it away. With her Automated wheel Chair and a Laptop on her desk. She works as a Online Marketeer and using 'Wills On Wheels' as an Organization, she wants to Unite disabled people with a different Set of Mind Set.

What inspired you to come up with this NGO ?

Satyameva Jayate  Program which was aired in 2010 on Televsions Channels Inspired us to come up with this Idea. By the People For the People. We wanted People like us, who are disabled to get into a comman Platform, to build up their Confidence level. and once their Confidence level is built , they themselves can bring change in their lives. Whatever we are doing intially might not be that much interesting for them.But whatever we are doing I am confident, it will bring drastic change in their lives.We went through lots of brain Storming sessions initially to  understand, what will be the Mission and the Vision.It took 6 months just to come up with this, since we needed Clear Goals and Ideas for the same.We have already started with our Online Vibrant Community, who can register on our website as a Volunteer or a 'Person on a Wheel Chair'.

What Kind of Programs do you Conduct?

We conduct various Awareness Spreading Programs in Malls. We recently did it in RMALL. We conducted Outing for 40 Wheel Chair peoples, because they dont go out. I am  lucky , since we have got a better transportation mode, lovely family to take care of  us, Too be honest with you, I never felt  , I was disabled, I had a very Normal Life. I never felt any Kind of Hurdle, when we are doing something. Currently we can do whatever we can at Smaller levels, since we have our own Bodily Constraints.Sometimes we fall sick easily since we dont have strong immunity System. Also Transporataion is the main problem, since Wheel Chairs are not accessible everywhere.Whatever time we get we dedicate.
For instance in Mulund East, we had a survey to check where and all Ramps are installed to make wheel chairs accessible, which banks we can access easily, which banks we cant. We collated all the data for the same. Since we want to do some Constructive work and not like doing a Program and  leaving it later on. We also train people to  get Work from Home Opportunities. That is when we formed this company. We formed this as Section 25 Company and not like a charitable trust and want to only employ Wheel Chaired persons.Its not like we are baised, but these people might not get Opportunity elsewhere.

How was your Childhood like?

Childhood was awesome, just like any other child.We never cared for anything.So we do not bother about Society ki 'Log kya Kehenge'. We never considered ourselves to be different from anybody else, to be very frank.We went through Normal College, Normal School, teacher and everybody were like awesome.

But now when we have opened up this NGO, we have met so many people, who have gone through so many problems and when I hear it, I feel I am the luckiest. I always expected one thing from everybody that is to be Co-Operative and I got it through my teachers, Principles and friends.
'Theek hai Classes Niche Rakenge Uper Nahi, Theek hai tumara Project hum extend karnege' is the responses I used to get from my Teachers and Principles. The Co-Operation Level was very High.We have the tendancy to fall Ill quite often, so whenever we used to Fall Ill, they used to give extra time for Exams. But when I went for Interviews there I faced lots of Challenges..Even I got rejected by the HR on Telephonic rounds, just because I cannot walk.

Any additional activities that you perform?

We have a small Entertainment Team. We write stories, search locations for shooting etc thats my thing.I am a very creative  person, a Writer, a Singer. When I went for recordings, dubbing recordings, there also i struggled a lot.Accessiblity Constraints was the issue. People always say that I have a good level of Confidence.

What kind of Awareness you are spreading through this program?

  • Accessibility
  • Work From Home
  • Travelling

What is your views on Spirituality?

Something that drives us. Its the only thing that drives us. I was associated with ISKCON in Juhu long back and used to practise Chanting the Hare Krishna Mantra, to some extent it has tried to give me a peace of mind. I admire Srila Prabhupada Videos.

How do you handle your daily activities?

I wake up @10:30 AM. I have a habit of thinking a lot and I keep on writing.I sit for 11-12 hours in a wheel chair and doing our activities related to Online Earning and focus on it only.The pain is always there but we focus on our activities only.If we focus on Pain we wont be able to focus on our activites.

Are you able to perform any Kind of Excercies?

We have done Physioteraphy most of the times from Childhood. We took all kind  of Medicines. We are like the Guinea pigs and all kinds of experiements Humare uper oh chuke hai.So now we are not interested in any kind of treatments.Our time is so packed, that we dont get time to do any additional activities.We cant do any kind of Physical activity, even our Hands cannot move much.We cant balance our body also.We can sense when a Mosquito bites it. Our Sensory things are not disturbed.We have so many Physical Constraints , but mentally we are so strong that it doesnot makes any differnce.

We have seen people that before accident, they were perfectly alright and  leading a normal life,After accident they cant do anything, they are like completely Vegetable. They cant sense, they cant move , they cant do anything,and for them moving out is also a big issue. They say that people will look at us. For US WE DON'T CARE. So there are different scenarios and different Psychological things in and out.They are not ready to accept the fact.

Who Inspires you a lot?

My Mom. Her Dedication, Support and Patience has made us much stronger Human Beings. She has Epitome of Patience.

We all are trying to lead a Normal life. Thats it. we need  Accessible India. Once we get that, Person like me and Prasad will outburst and go where Every Normal person can go and Hang out.

                                                                                                                  -Priti Shetty

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Thank you Srila Prabhupada

Since this is my last day in Bengaluru, wanted to share why I started loving this city. Its not because its known for its Big IT Hub or Lucrative Lifestyle people living here. The life here might look glittering, but reality strikes when People come here getting attracted to this Glittering life which in the end turns out to be Poisionous.

Bangalore has been recorded as the Highest Suicidal Rate in the City and lakhs of people are gone under depression. I would have been one of the persons if Srila Prabhupada  through his devotees and his Books wouldnt have come into my life.I only know how did I started balancing my Work life.

First time, I came to Bangalore there were Bill boards screaming PG for Rent at just 3000-4000 Rs. I was very much happy but as time passed by I started observing that I have lost 10 Kg of Weight and the Roommates at times were intolerable and used to fight for silly reasons. The association of such Roommates was very disturbing and everyday thought crept in me why I came to Bangalrem, leaving my family and paying such hefty amount for a lousy room.

Also Food posed to be a greatest problem in PG. It has made me unhealthy, Lean and was kind of Morose because of the Worklifestyle in office.

I was a meat eater, and my mind used to go here and there like a small monkey for some Movies, Songs, eating Meat in restaurants ,getting attracted to girls etc and always had a vision of myself becoming Successful in my material life.

Then one day at Marthalli Bridge, some hefty person was distributing this Complimentary Pass -- "Secret of Success" and at the bottom of  the leaflet, there was  a small logo named Akshaya Patra(Free Dinner Meals) written on it.

I was attracted by these two words  "Success" and "Free Meals".

The Program was supposed to start on sunday in the evening. When I came for the program, I was surprised to see a Swamiji or a Monk standing writing something on a whiteboard and was very fleunt in speaking English.

The topic being covered was 'Laws of Karma', and was totally stunned by the way it was being presented. How Systematically it was being explained having a workflow diagram drawn on the white board and the Projecter projecting the Powerpoint presentation on the LED Wall Sheet covering 'each and every aspect of Karma' and in the end the delicious Feast Prasadam was being served, which you will not get even in 5 star Hotels of Bangalore

This very first lecture started by Amitasana Prabhu was a turning point of my life. From that time I started coming for the sessions every weekends and for the first time in life I had broomed and mooped the entire temple and also started cleaning the vessels. The things that I never did at home, I started doing it in a temple and really started enjoying associating with devotees.

It was indeed Srila Prabhupada's Mercy that though I had a Hectic lifestyle.. he gave me a spirtual lifestyle to balance out the same.

Within two months I joined FOLK(Folk of Lord Krishna ) Hostel, where Like Minded people who are inquisite about understanding Bhagvad Gita and have willingness to change their lifestyle like
sleeping early by 9:00 PM and waking up by 5:00 AM
Doing Mangala Aarti from 6:00 Am to 6:30 AM
Chanting Hare Krishna Maha Mantra from 6:30 AM TO 7:00 Am
Listening Bhagvad GIta Classes being preached by temple devotees from 7:00 AM TILL 8:00 AM

Having Breakfast Prasadam from 8:00 AM Till 9:00 AM

It was not easy Initially staying at FOLK Hostel since changing the Lifestyle was a big challenge. But slowly when it became an Habit , and eventually It started feeling good.

This was all possible because of ISKCON Bangalore Devotees and all thanks to Srila Prabhupada for starting up this Moment, because of which ISKCON Bangalore Emerged at RajajiNagar, which has been instrumental in transofrming my life to certain extent.

As days passed by, I automatically became a vegetarian and trust me ask any Non-Veg person to stop eating, its practically impossible. Only because of Intaking Prasadam Lords Mercy was bestowed upon me, which reminded me that  'Body is temple and not a graveyard'.

Also when i started Chanting Hare Krishna MAHA Mantra for the first time, I noticed my mind being quite and still and all the stress, anger, confusion etc that has come due to office work or associating with different sets of people have gradually disappered.

Also the books especially the  'Science of Self-Realization' was an eye-Opener for me which explained everything about Bhakti Yoga in a simplified, Systematic and Scientific manner. The Defintion of God, given in the very first chapter itself was very amusing,

And all this was possible because of Srila Prabhupada, who compiled huge volume of  books at the age of 70, who toured the World more then 12 times to preached the message of Bhagvad Gita and made devotees worlwide irespective of Caste, Creed and Sex.

Because of Srila Prabhupada, I came to understand the true meaning of Religion. I used to be athiest before, but when his books started talking to me and giving proper explanation of Religion without any Interpretation. It was completly clear that, I am under the right authority.

His sentence

"Religion without philosphy is sentiment and Philosophy without speculation is Mental Speculation"

Just because I came in touh with Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON BANGALORE devotees, I started seeing the world with its current Reality and whatever practially is explained in Bhagvag Gita, I was able to experince it in my day to day life activities.

I came here to work in a better Project and earn more, but I got much better things and that the main thing required to progress in Spirtuality since that is the Main aim of Human Life, that is to understand God and become God Concious and that is possible only by being under the association of Devotees.

I am very much indebted to Srila Prabhupada for having placed such a Wonderful Organization worldwide and giving an opportunity for a unqualified  and fallen down person like me to understand the Essence of Bhagvad Gita and giving me Krshna Prasadam all the three times and giving me your Protection  and assisting me during Difficult times.

And the reason I like Bengaluru is not because of its Big IT Hub , but because of ISKCON Bangalore who are propogating Srila Prabhupada's message to all the Intelluctual class in Bangalore so that they can understand what real Happiness is and finally how we can reclaim Humanity